About Us

The National Center for Member Trust is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization dedicated to helping member-owners get the facts on credit union-to-bank conversion. We are very grateful to the dozens of individuals, non-profits, and credit unions who have provided the financial support that makes our work possible.

Our Founding Volunteers

How We Can Help

If asked by members, the National Center for Member Trust provides technical and strategic assistance regarding credit union conversions.

Why We Do It

After watching over thirty credit unions convert into banks in the last decade, costing their members millions of dollars of ownership, we saw that most conversions were not happening in a fair way. Because of our commitments to the principles of fairness, democratic governance, and cooperative ownership of financial institutions, we formed the National Center for Member Trust to help support member-owners of credit unions that are attempting to convert.

We believe that, because the net worth of a credit union belongs to its member-owners, the distribution of that net worth to directors, executives, and outside professional investors violates the trust between credit union member-owners and their elected and appointed leaders. We support the members' right to exercise their democratic ownership, including the right to choose the charter option that provides the greatest benefit to all members. We believe that directors and management owe their members fair and honest information, including information on all options available to the members, such as remaining a credit union, converting to bank, merging, or liquidating.