Police Called, But Allow Protesters To Remain At DFCU

Credit Union Journal   April 3, 2006

DEARBORN, Mich. - Employees of DFCU Credit Union allegedly called police to stop protests by members of DFCU Owners United, a group opposing the conversion of DFCU to a mutual savings bank, but police said they protesters were allowed to remain as long as they are "peaceful." In fact, members of DFCU Owners United told The Credit Union Journal that one of the officers said he was a member of the credit union and he had already marked his ballot "no " Protestors have been on hand at DFCU facilities for at least three days urging members to vote "no" on the proposed conversion. Reportedly more than 20 protesters turned out on a chilly Saturday over the weekend to encourage other members conducting business inside the CU and at its busy drive-through and ATM drive-ups to vote against the proposed conversion. More are expected to demonstrate at two locations today. Members of the credit union reported that inside DFCU employees are wearing buttons calling for a "yes" vote, as does supporting signage.

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