What has happened in past conversion attempts?

Most conversion proposals have been approved, some have been successfully opposed by the member-owners, and one has been fair.

Community Credit Union: "What could go wrong?"

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Community Credit Union outside Dallas, TX converted to a mutual bank in 2006, and then to a mutual holding company/stock bank later that year. While the board and senior executives have personally made over $26 million by selling their members' institution, more than 98% of the members did not receive a dime in return. Now the bank is run to maximize profits, rather than to serve members with the best rates and services.

DFCU: "Our credit union. Our money. Our choice."

DFCU Financial Credit Union in Detroit announced its plan to convert in December 2005. After learning about how the proposed conversion would affect them, a group of concerned members formed DFCU Owners United to inform other members about the conversion. When the credit union's board repeatedly stonewalled the members’ requests for information about how and why they had decided to convert, DFCU Owners United took action. They successfully petitioned to hold a credit union meeting about recalling the board of directors. The directors have refused to hold this meeting, in violation of the credit union’s bylaws, but withdrew the conversion proposal in 2006!

Nationwide: "A Model Conversion"

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Many look to Nationwide as an example of a fair conversion. Before taking the members' ownership to sell it as stock, Nationwide paid them for their ownership. Each member got a check for their share of the credit union, plus a premium to represent the value that ownership would gain when sold as stock. Nationwide showed that any converting credit union with the members in mind will pay the members their fair share. Nationwide's model is not the only fair way to convert, and may not be best. UC Berkeley professor and credit union expert James Wilcox has advocated distributing stock to members directly (summary, full report), and some have questioned whether Nationwide's payment to members was high enough or distributed in the best way (see "whose side?" article).

Lafayette Federal Credit Union: "Saved the CU"

Photograph of Members Who Saved Their Credit Union From Being Converted To A Bank
In January 2007, Lafayette Federal Credit Union in Washington, DC, withdrew its proposal to convert to a bank, largely due to opposition from members like Amber Books, Scott Stiens, and Ajit Joshi (right). Member Tom Carter explained his opposition to the conversion: "Their reasons are fallacious. This conversion gives them the opportunity for personal enrichment. They have a serious conflict of interest and may be denying their fiduciary duty to members." The CEO who had led the conversion effort was asked not to return.


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Har-Co Conversions In The News

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Technology Credit Union

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